Where There’s Water, There’s Doggo




Kristina Clowers

Joy – Finalist

Location: Berthoud, Colorado

This pure moment of joy was completely spontaneous! My kiddos love to “swim” in our bathtub, especially when the weather is less than ideal. Being a parent means, at times, letting the kids be kids and cleaning the mess up later. As the kids were entertaining themselves in the tub, I noticed our Labrador, Odin, pawing to get into the tub with the kids. This prompted loads of giggles, splashing, and their jubilant shouts of “Odinnnn!! ODIN!!!! Come here, Odin!!!!” I knew what was about to happen and I quickly grabbed my camera, which was luckily … yet unwisely, sitting on a nearby table. I fidgeted with the settings, cussed over the mess that was bound to ensue, slipped a little bit on slopped water, and amazingly, was able to grab images of the few moments before Odin was fully engulfed in bathwater amongst the ever-excited kids. And yes, he was absolutely smiling.

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