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The Dolly Parton Issue: Volume 8 – Issue 6 (Backorder)


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The Dolly Parton Issue, Presented by Lee

Just like its namesake, The Dolly Parton Issue has been pretty popular. That plus a couple of logistical issues means, sadly, delays in getting this delightful magazine in hand. Never fear, Matt is going to start his own shipping company to stop this from happening again. We’re accepting name ideas…along with orders…which we’ll have your way in 2 to 3 weeks.

The queens of country music. Jolene’s rebuttal. Bad-ass women aka the “Dollys” of their field. Perspectives from a few Dolly photographers. Spotlight Tennesse. The Rhinestone system. The greatest Christmas album of all time. What do your jeans say about you? The Dollywood coaster rating. And plenty of Dolly herself.

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