The Dive Bar Issue: VOLUME 4 – ISSUE 5

The Dive Bar Issue: Volume 4 – Issue 5



Think I’ll slip on down to the oasis.

A letter from Don Copell recruiting people to join his questionable ‘Casual Drinking Establishment Society’, Portugal. The Man puts quarters in the jukebox and sits with us to talk about taking down the Russian mob and buying drinks for the bar, Director of the Karaoke World Championship shares his secrets on how to destroy a room,  a rather well-done photo essay of a recent day spent at Spring St. Lounge by Gunner Hughes, a spotlight of The Big Easy and why we should be moving to New Orleans, the world’s No. 1 grandmaster sommelier went and did some research for us in a feature called “The red or the white,” The Flaming Homer returns and our tribute to prank calling Moe’s, a thank you to Liar’s Saloon, how Pancha’s of Yountville balances out life, anatomy of a Rocket Bomb, Yelp reviews to end the world …And more.

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