Wholesale Magazine Program – Montauk




As a Montauk business you have the opportunity to participate in our Summer 23’ magazine program to give back to local non-profit organizations and help community businesses generate some turnkey revenue by selling copies of Whalebone Magazine.

The goal of this program is to collectively raise $5,000 for the Montauk Food Pantry by October 1st—and help you generate some additional income.

The Details:

  • You can order as little or as often as you’d like throughout the season
  • We deliver the magazines right to your door within 72 hours
  • You’ll receive the latest issue of Whalebone that’s out when you order
  • We ask you display them on a rack, countertop or retail area (pretty much anywhere but the floor)
  • You can reach out to carli@whalebone.com for any questions or assistance


  • OPTION 1:
    • 30 Magazines (full box) $180.00
    • Full Box Wholesale Price Per Copy: $6.00
    • Suggested Retail Price Per Copy: $15.00
    • Profit Margin Per Copy Full Box: $9.00 (60%)
    • Profit Margin Per Full Box: $270.00
  • OPTION 2:
    • 15 Magazines (½ Box) $112.50
    • ½ Box Whole Price Per Copy: $7.50
    • Suggested Retail Price: $15.00
    • Profit Margin Per Copy ½ Box: $7.50 (50%)
    • Profit Margin Per ½ Box: $112.50


40% off pretty much everything until 12/24. Order by 12/15 for tree service.