Accidentally Wes Anderson and Whalebone Magazine invite you to come along for some new adventures.

As you may or may not know, AWA and Whalebone have been friends for some time. As most modern love stories go, we met online and things just went from there. Now we are combining forces to bring more delight to your coffee table, mailbox, email inbox and internet-connected device. Look for delightfully disorienting stories, merch, giveaways, trips, scavenger hunts, parties, secret decoder rings, and monogrammed steamer trunks full of fun.


Some things that might look good on a coffee table or bookshelf

All items include Whalebone x AWA sticker packs.


The Weather Issue

The Photo Issue

The Sea Creatures Issue

The Wine Issue

The Hippie Issue

The Movie Issue


See you down the line.

See you soon. Have a great day.