“My grandfather was a very accomplished waterfowl carver. He carved these duck decoys for business as well as pleasure, with minute detail down to the feather. He used certain decoys for duck hunting that he designed. He also trained retrievers to do what they do best: retrieve. One of the last dogs he trained was named Whalebone, which he gave to my parents shortly before I was born.

My grandfather passed right before I began my business endeavor and I chose the name Whalebone to remind me of where I come from and the attention to detail everything you care about should have.” 

– Jesse Joeckel, Founder


Our mission is to explore, uncover and celebrate like-minded people and places that exude the positivity and authenticity found at home on the East End. It’s kind of like a “No Bad Days” tattoo that you don’t regret.

Also, there is a magazine that you can expect to see about six times a year. Sometimes seven. Maybe eight if you count special limited run and spectacularly awesome zine type things that bear a striking resemblance to the magazine, but are like a younger sibling, who’s difficult but in the end you love all the more for it.


Whether it’s our Friday morning newsletter that comes on Fridays, our award-winning print publication, our the socials, wearing the softest goods east of the Mississippi, or our legendary events, we are there for you.

So how do you get involved? Shoot a note anytime to hello@whalebonemag.com, or if this is Bill, please call 631.668.2772 and hit 1 so we can start planning the next shindig.

In Montauk? Swing by the shop at 65 Tuthill Road for the apparel goods.

Mailing Address? Whalebone Magazine 205 Hudson St., 7th Floor, New York, NY 20013.

Give us a follow @whalebonemagazine for good things headed your way.


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  • @andydavisdesigns was kind enough to stop by The Boneyard today to see the things. We’ll be stopping by to see his things tonight @thembh. Andy Davis has a solo show called OHYA opening tonight in Montauk. Keep your things together 
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  • Whalebone Radio: Summer Edition playing today and tomorrow and the next day and the day after that one and the one after that at whaleboneradio.com
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  • Punk. Quarterback punk.
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  • Now available at The Boneyard. Not that many created it seems, unfortunately. The @whalebonemagazine x @yeti collection. Only at 541 East Lake Dr Montauk NY 11954 while they last
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  • 1 out of 3
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  • ✈️✈️ Updates from HQ:
- You can now pick up a copy of @whalebonemagazine at select @wholefoods and airport shops across the US. Fancy pants
- Ed from accounting apologized
- @sean123nyc won’t address the girlfriend thing with us
- The Summer Issue is out now
- Meet at Area 51 @willsmith 
This has been your evening briefing. Good night, and good luck. 
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  • Whalebone Radio: Summer Edition presented by @designwithinreach is currently the preferred radio station for the 7th best barista in Montauk. @ryanseacrest eat your heart out. Listen 24/7 exclusively at whaleboneradio.com. Blue link helps on the drop 
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  • An entire issue of @whalebonemagazine that has nothing to do with winter—wild times we’re living in
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