“My grandfather was a very accomplished waterfowl carver. He carved these duck decoys for business as well as pleasure, with minute detail down to the feather. He used certain decoys for duck hunting that he designed. He also trained retrievers to do what they do best: retrieve. One of the last dogs he trained was named Whalebone, which he gave to my parents shortly before I was born.

My grandfather passed right before I began my business endeavor and I chose the name Whalebone to remind me of where I come from and the attention to detail everything you care about should have.” 

– Jesse Joeckel, Founder


Our mission is to explore, uncover and celebrate like-minded people and places that exude the positivity and authenticity found at home on the East End. It’s kind of like a “No Bad Days” tattoo that you don’t regret.

Also, there is a magazine that you can expect to see about six times a year. Sometimes seven. Maybe eight if you count special limited run and spectacularly awesome zine type things that bear a striking resemblance to the magazine, but are like a younger sibling, who’s difficult but in the end you love all the more for it.


Whether it’s our Friday morning newsletter that comes on Fridays, our award-winning print publication, our the socials, wearing the softest goods east of the Mississippi, or our legendary events, we are there for you.

So how do you get involved? Shoot a note anytime to hello@whalebonemag.com, or if this is Bill, please call 631.668.2772 and hit 1 so we can start planning the next shindig.

In Montauk? Swing by the shop at 65 Tuthill Road for the apparel goods.

Mailing Address? Whalebone Magazine 205 Hudson St., 7th Floor, New York, NY 20013.

Give us a follow @whalebonemagazine for good things headed your way.


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  • “Afternoon Delight” is a daily email from @whalebonemagazine that goes out every afternoon whether you are wearing pants or not. Delight, joy, interviews, news, playlists, rad videos, contests, ways to win at Jumanji, people helping people, and other random things all included...for free. It’s nice. Blue link in profile to sign-up for anyone looking to get involved. Thank you to the support of @montaukbrewco @otiseyewear @ansea @just @hillcityofficial @shinola @sirkensingtons for being partners on this one. 
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  • Just a little bit
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  • "God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates dinosaurs. Dinosaurs eat man. Women inherit the earth." Blue link is selling subscriptions with free shipping. Portion of proceeds headed to @nokidhungry. Thank you for considering 
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  • Enter to win a pair of ridiculously comfortable Whalebone hoodies and sweatpants for you and a friend. Tag the friend you’d send them to and enter to win through the blue link. We’ll do the rest. Let’s not make things more complicated than they need to be today. 
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  • whaleboneradio.com
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  • Apparently the song title came from the happy hour menu at a little spot called Clyde's in DC. Not sure if Clyde knows about this. Sky rockets in flight. Afternoon Delight. Blue link takes you for a quick swim to learn about things such as; rad humans helping, a brewery that is sending uplifting hand-written letters to lonely people, a family that used pretty much everything in their home to build a Mousetrap type invention that Pee-Wee Herman would geek out over, how to win money off of us on @houseparty, and other delightful type news, interviews, playlists, videos, joys, and messages. Thank you to @montaukbrewco @shinola @ansea @otiseyewear @just @sirkensingtons and @hillcityofficial for getting behind this idea of a daily program from @whalebonemagazine. 
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  • @arvingoods is up there on the list of companies we admire. If you might have a moment, tap over and learn more about ways to get involved @arvingoods...one of the good guys.
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  • A little bit. Started watching “Tiger King” so feel like new possibilities are opening up. And the dog hasn’t run away. We’ll get there. 
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  • “Afternoon Delight” is a daily email from @whalebonemagazine that goes out pretty much everyday in the afternoon. Delight, joy, interviews, good news, videos, ridiculously comfortable playlists, @william.grand’s phone number so you can FaceTime him at any point day or night to request songs, and new pairs of socks...all included for free. Blue link for anyone looking to signup. Thank you to the support of @montaukbrewco @otiseyewear @ansea @just @hillcityofficial @shinola @sirkensingtons for getting behind this one.
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  • We interviewed @joelsartore about the #photoark project he’s been working on for 25 years. Casual, Joel.  Full interview with this rad human is on whalebonemag.com along with 4,743 other little Easter Eggs. Hope you’re having a good day. 
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  • Maybe buy stock in @conedison. Turns out we definitely left the lights on at the Bleecker St. shop when we closed. Love you NYC. Stay tough. 
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