“My grandfather was a very accomplished waterfowl carver. He carved these duck decoys for business as well as pleasure, with minute detail down to the feather. He used certain decoys for duck hunting that he designed. He also trained retrievers to do what they do best: retrieve. One of the last dogs he trained was named Whalebone, which he gave to my parents shortly before I was born.

My grandfather passed right before I began my business endeavor and I chose the name Whalebone to remind me of where I come from and the attention to detail everything you care about should have.” 

– Jesse Joeckel, Founder


Whalebone is an authentic, positive lifestyle brand that feels like a friend. One who was born and raised on the East End and who seeks out good things and the good in things everywhere. Our mission is to explore, uncover and celebrate like-minded people and places that exude the positivity and authenticity found at home on the East End.


Simply put, we hate the term lifestyle brand, but until we come up with a better term, we are stuck with it. At Whalebone, we provide authenticity, access, and accreditation—all with a little wink. Resourceful brands are looking towards Whalebone to deliver their mission to the right audience, in the right way. Whalebone delivers a submerssive experience that blurs the lines between digital, social, experiential, print and events. Whether it’s our Friday morning newsletter, our award-winning print publication, our badass social feed, wearing the softest goods east of the Mississippi, or our legendary events, we always aim to supply our audience and partners with an overwhelmingly positive experience.

So how do you get involved? Shoot a note anytime to hello@whalebonemag.com, or if you’re Bill Murray, please call 631.668.2772 and hit 1. We’d like to talk.

In Montauk? Swing by the shop at 65 Tuthill Road for the apparel goods.

In the city? Check us out at the Gansevoort Market, stop by our office in the back of the badass new IV New York Gallery at 231 10th Ave, or just follow @whalebonemagazine for good things headed your way.


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  • Bartenders who kill it at photography, rad new cookbooks that Julia Child would send you for Christmas, two friends that have been documenting winter surfing in New York, and a few pleasant Sunday playlists. These are the types of nice things currently running over on whalebonemag dot com 
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  • Thirty people we admire, each interviewing one person they admire. That’s the concept for the upcoming Interview Issue of @whalebonemagazine. Easy enough. You will be pleased to know the creative gents from @portugaltheman are involved. Nice fellows when not around matches. However, they did not interview anyone from 1966, now. Instead they selected a person that likely has driven what shoes you might be wearing today. A rebel for kicks, if you will. The Interview Issue is in the shop and being prepped. Standby for ignition 
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  • Saturday night plans? Could maybe help if you might find yourself in the Atlantic Beach, Florida area. Join us @hotelpalms x @__inguz No Bad Days event 6-10pm. Figure out how you fit into all this through the link [that same link in bio]
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