“My grandfather was a very accomplished waterfowl carver. He carved these duck decoys for business as well as pleasure, with minute detail down to the feather. He used certain decoys for duck hunting that he designed. He also trained retrievers to do what they do best: retrieve. One of the last dogs he trained was named Whalebone, which he gave to my parents shortly before I was born.

My grandfather passed right before I began my business endeavor and I chose the name Whalebone to remind me of where I come from and the attention to detail everything you care about should have.” 

– Jesse Joeckel, Founder


Check It
  • A good amount of golden oldies but also some Kendrick, a punk hour or two with a healthy serving of AC/DC. Whalebone Radio launches tomorrow. Stay tuned
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  • Maybe. Maybe not
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  • Few updates from HQ:
1. The @whalebonemagazine van has not been blown to smithereens by a stuntman driving it off a cliff, yet
2. The Music Issue of @whalebonemagazine presented by @yeti comes out this week 
3. Whalebone Radio launches on Wednesday pending one last top priority thing from @jerryseinfeld 
4. The two-year anniversary of @whalebonemagazine is waving from down the street 
5. Life jackets should be worn at all times 
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  • When the time is right, @ateatery will make you lunch by the beach. When the time is right 
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  • Not a picture of the sunset this evening, but we are tuning up for a good ol' fashion Music Issue of @whalebonemagazine presented by @yeti. Could also be a face melter. We'll see. You really shouldn't compare a magazine to a sunset. Two very different things 
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  • Jaws was a great movie
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  • You'll be able to listen to Whalebone Radio on the boat, or in a car, in a tree, or on the beach, or the golf course, or on the subway if you have service, or while you take a shower, or when you're helping you're friend move and you don't know why you said you'd help them but there you are trying to figure how to get the stupid couch through the door and thinking "how did they even get the couch in here in the first place", and you can also listen to it when you sleep. Broadcasting from an undisclosed location starting next week. 
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  • Or @seaturtledivecharters 
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