“My grandfather was a very accomplished waterfowl carver. He carved these duck decoys for business as well as pleasure, with minute detail down to the feather. He used certain decoys for duck hunting that he designed. He also trained retrievers to do what they do best: retrieve. One of the last dogs he trained was named Whalebone, which he gave to my parents shortly before I was born.

My grandfather passed right before I began my business endeavor and I chose the name Whalebone to remind me of where I come from and the attention to detail everything you care about should have.” 

– Jesse Joeckel, Founder


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  • Okay, whoever drank all the pink cans of @montaukbrewco please know that you've now put our end of summer party beer request ability into a dire circumstance. Hope you're happy with yourself, jerk 
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  • The Dock 
By Grant Monahan
September 4th launch
North-East fishing villages all have their local watering holes; fortunately for those who live in Montauk, there is The Dock. This small dark tavern embodies Montauk, from the happy hour regulars sitting outside draft in hand, to the home style cooking, to the welcomed feeling as soon as you walk in the door. For so many locals and transients alike The Dock is a safe haven; an escape from the rapidly changing world. Sitting at that bar you experience a sense of community and the special energy that is Montauk. 
This photography book is @grant_moneyhands attempt at capturing that slice of Montauk culture by focusing on the visual ephemera, of the many curios and the stories they tell, all located on the walls and shelves of The Dock. 
This book would not be possible without the support of George, Chris and the crew at The Dock.

Signed and Numbered
84 pages pages, 64 images
Hardback / Clothbound 
7.75 X 10 in
Edition 01, 2017
Designed by Javas Lehn Studio
Printed in the USA by Hatteras

Preorders available. DM or email: grantmtk@gmail.com
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  • This is a nice house. This nice house had a shot at being the cover model for the upcoming Wilderness Issue that is being presented by @gorving with guest editors @chrisburkard and @charles_post, but the nice house didn't make the cut. No worries. We think you'll be rather pleased with the cover the crew selected. Now you'll probably stay awake for days thinking about all this, wasn't our intention. Try and get some sleep. New issue of @whalebonemagazine comes out Sept 1 
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  • 10 bed/1 bath off the beaten path gem. Includes unlimited satellite TV, large private backyard, sweeping views from the top balcony, wide open basement with custom built in chairs. Option to resurrect top secret government funded time travel research experiments based on renters preference. Inquire within
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